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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Are you a midwife? How can you teach me about birth if you're not?

A -No I'm not a midwife. A midwife's role is to support you with antenatal care, to support and monitor your, and baby's wellbeing during labour, and postpartum care. My role is to empower you with knowledge about birth, and to teach you relaxation and breathing techniques to manage labour. It's an entirely different role to that of your midwife and one that works beautifully in combination with a midwifery approach to birth. 

Q - So what are your qualifications?

A -I've completed a Diploma in Hypnobirthing and am accredited with a renowned hypnobirthing programme (KGH). I have also completed an MA(Hons) in Psychology, an MSc in Children's Mental Health and Psychological Practice and an MSc in Applied Psychology for Children and Young People. I have qualified as a Clinical Associate Psychologist. Hypnobirthing is a psychological tool and this is why I feel uniquely placed to teach the programme from a psychological perspective. 

Q - I'm going to be a single mum. Can I still come to the class without a dad involved? 

A -Yes, absolutely! If you don't have a spouse or romantic partner involved you are so welcome to bring your planned birth partner along, whether they are your mum, your dad, or your best friend. You can also just come alone and I will partner with you where needed and help you to get chatting to others in the group. 

Q - My husband isn't interested in coming. Can I do the course without him? 

A - Of course you can. Many dads are sceptical about hypnobirthing (my own husband included!) but once they realise how logical it all is, they're won over. If you can get him to agree to attending one of my online taster events. or even to come to the first session, you may find no more persuasion is needed!

Q - I'd love to get my partner involved but he's going to have to watch our oldest child. Will I be able to catch him up afterwards? 

A - I totally get this. It's really hard to want to get involved in things together if you have no, or limited, local family support. You will receive a parent folder and The Hypnobirthing Book, so will be able to share resources with your partner. You can also listen to the MP3s together and you can tell him what you need from him in terms of supporting your relaxation and calming strategies. 

Q - I'm planning to have an elective caesarean. Is the course still relevant? 

A - Yes, hypnobirthing is relevant for all births. The relaxation techniques are wonderful for use prenatally and postnatally. You can also utilise the relaxation techniques while you wait to go into the operating theatre, while the surgery is being preformed, and while you are in recovery afterwards to support the body to let oxytocin flow. 


Q _ I'm already doing an antenatal class. Will I learn anything new on this course? 

A - Antenatal classes often give you a good insight into the physiology of childbirth and pain relief. While these are important, hypnobirthing expands on techniques you can actually use to relax, and manage the powerful sensations of labour, as well as how to ask questions, and know your options. The strength and empowerment you will gain from completing my Sage Birth course will leave you feeling amazing, and excited about birth, and this cannot be paralleled in a regular antenatal course. 

Q- Are same sex couples welcome? 

A - Definitely! 

Q- Are surrogates welcome?

A - Absolutely. I would love to welcome a surrogate along with the family she is supporting. Up to three people are welcome in this situation. 

Q - I'm a pregnant, transgender man, am I welcome?

A -Absolutely. Everyone is welcome on my course. We can have a chat before commencing the private, or group course, about what language is pertinent and inclusive for you. This will be in addition to talking about women who are pregnant, not instead of.

Q- I've already attended a hypnobirthing class for my first baby. Is there a refresher option? 

A - If your first course was a short programme, or an online version, I really recommend doing the full Sage Birth programme so you know you haven't missed out on anything. If you've done a KG Hypnobirthing course before then your best option may be to book in for a shorter private course; we can spend time reflecting on your previous birth and discuss what materials you want to go through again. 

Q- Can I pay for a class in instalments? 

A- Yes, you can pay a £50 deposit, then pay the remainder over two payments. you can pay for the class over two payments. For a private course: £50 deposit + £157.50 + £157.50). For a group course: £50 deposit + £107.50 + £107.50). As long as the amount is paid in full a week before the course starts. 

Q - Is there a cancellation policy?

A - Yes, you can cancel and receive a full refund within a week of making your booking. After this time payments are non-refunded. 

Q- Does hypnobirthing advise me to turn down medical interventions? 

A - No, absolutely not! In the hypnobirthing course we will discuss how to ask questions and how to get the information you need to make an informed decision. Often women are told the benefits of intervention and the risks of not receiving it. Without additionally knowing the risks of the intervention, and the benefits of waiting, you cannot make an informed decision. If you decide to consent to the medical intervention, after gathering all the information, you will be more likely to feel satisfied and comfortable with your choice. 

Q- Will hypnobirthing make childbirth pain free? 

A- Unlikely, this isn't what the goal of hypnobirthing is! Pain is entirely subjective. Hypnobirthing gives you the tools to manage the powerful sensations of labour with a calm mind, and subsequently, a calm body, making the birth of your baby as gentle, and natural, an experience as possible. There are no nasty side-effects to hypnobirthing, only benefits.

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